19. “Come dance with me!”

NARRATOR: Jesus is dead and buried. Three days pass.

‘Come dance with me, come dance today!
I’ll lead you in this dance, I say.
You’ll dance with friends who choose to brave
a glimpse of life beyond the grave.
The steps are plain yet full of grace.
I say you only need embrace
the flow of movement you will find
within your dancing heart and mind.’

‘I know you think He can’t mean me!’
But you’re the one I love, you see.
If rich or poor, it’s all the same;
I call you here and now by name.
Not one of you is left behind.
I am the friend you long to find.
Come on! I welcome you to feast
where first is last and greatest least!’

Come dance with us, come dance today;
we’ll always dance with you, we pray.
We know you, friend; you chose to save
our very lives; your life you gave.
Your steps are plain yet full of grace.
We know we only need embrace
the joy of life that God has made!
Our joy will never ever fade!

You danced to make the world begin.
To save our lives, you danced again.
You danced so everyone could see
that living love would make us free.
You gave us all you had to give
then rose again to dance and live!
Come dance in love, dance friends, dance friend;
our gracious dance will never end!

Words: Matthew Priest, Scott R. King & Christopher St. John.
Music: Putney, Esther Kissling