3. Alto Aria: Jesus the healer is here

Based on Luke 7:36-50

We have just heard from Mark, Matthew, and John thrice:
a woman in love anoints Jesus with spice.
This woman in Luke is not nearly so nice:
she seeks healer Jesus for shame of her vice.

Jesus the healer is here dining at Simon's table!
I heard he heals, the blind see: Should I go? Am I able?
I really want to meet him, I'm not sure why he draws me.
He's a prophet and a healing man, and I want his remedy.
I rush in, the air is warm. The men gasp when I break my
alabaster flask of myrrh, then start to cry on his feet.
Tears and ointment flow and mix with my hair,
and with my mouth I worship his feet and I weep.
A touch, his eyes and mine meet.
Simon's annoyed very much! And says - You are unwelcome.
Women like you must not touch good men like him in my home.
That's when I stand up and say to the host:
You hardly made welcome your guest!
These are my tears, my ointment, my own, my best.
My welcome surely is blest.

I kneel, Jesus looks in my eyes.
"Your sins are great" says he, in sort and size.
They are forgiven; now arise.
Pardoned sin magnifies
sinner's love. Your bold love forever shall I prize.
(Simon's friends mutter, "My! How your powers increase!")
Then he says, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."