7. Soprano Aria: Jesus chose me

Based on John 6 & 13

NARRATOR: What happened at the last supper? Hear Judas tell the story.

He chose twelve. He chose me, Judas Iscariot, the kindest one of all.
I followed him, I loved him joyfully.
The other disciples were so young. Like careless boys drunk on love and ideas!
I held the money because I am the smart one.
I helped the poor as much as I could,  but the money was squandered on things.
I know I’ve done everything right.
And Jesus loves me.
At supper he talks of betrayal.
The beloved disciple then comforts him.
He speaks to Peter, then beckons me, he hands me bread so tenderly,
looks in my eyes with anguish and love, and says, ‘What you are going to do, do quickly!’
No! No! No! Not me! How can God let this be?
But my Lord commands me! My Lord demands this of me!
He chooses me.

Into the night he sends me. I obey, I obey, I must obey.
I will bring the guard quickly. By Rome he will die,
not stoned by a mob, they will crucify Jesus.
Must this be laid on me? Why die? Why must you die?
I can’t bear it, to be hated by all and loved by Jesus.
Take this bitter cup away from me.
I want to do what is right. He told us,
‘In all truth I tell you, whoever welcomes the one I send, welcomes me,
and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me.’
Jesus sent me to his murderers. They welcomed me.
Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed are the murderers of Jesus.