8. “Love one another”

John 13:33:35

NARRATOR: Greek for love is divided in thirds.
Eros (sex) and philia (friendship) are two of the words.
Agape: patient, selfless, and grand.
Agapate allelous, Jesus’ final command.


You’ll be known as my disciples if to love all men you choose.
Now I give my last example: agapate allelous.
Love each other, love in freedom, love sustaining, love profuse.
Now I give a new commandment: agapate allelous.

I shall leave you in a moment, you cannot come where I go.
Soon I face my destined torment and through death God's glory show.
Love each other without question; love transforming, love profuse.
Now I give new suggestion: agapate allelous.

Music: Hyfrydol, Rowland Hugh Prichard (1811-1887), arr. S.R. King