Audio and Text of The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ

You are welcome to listen to the Passion as you read and study the texts. The story is told in nineteen chapters, each corresponding to a movement of the Passion Oratorio. All of the biblical text links to audio files; you can hear the entire passion story here.

    Part I

  1. Overture [1'12]
  2. “You will not always have me” [7'44]
  3. Alto Aria: Jesus the healer is here [4'29]
  4. “You too should wash each others’ feet” [7'45]
  5. Bass Aria: You are the Christ [3'53]
  6. “One of you will soon betray me” [4'13]
  7. Soprano Aria: Jesus chose me [3'55]
  8. “Love one another” [2'53]
  9. “This is my blood” [5'04]
  10. “Before the cock crows you will have disowned me three times” [5'39]
  11. “Pray that you are not put to the test” [7'31]
  12. Part II

  13. Tenor Aria: White washed tombs glow in the darkness [2'53]
  14. The Arrest: He cut off the high priest’s servant’s ear [8'00]
  15. The Trial before the Sanhedrin: Peter followed Jesus to the high priest [9'02]
  16. Peter denied it, the cock crowed, and Peter remembered what Jesus had said [7'32]
  17. Part III

  18. Quartet: Joseph, the Beloved Disciple, Mary Magdalene, Mary [4'41]
  19. The trial before Pilate, the Roman Governor [23'31]
  20. They crucified Jesus with two others [18'59]
  21. “Come dance with me!” [3'53]

bold = found in all 4 gospels
italics = significantly out of order (Luke and John have been reordered to follow Matthew & Mark)
caps = quote from old testement