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The Passion and Death of Jesus according to the Gospels is a new oratorio of the Passions found in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. On this site you can read these texts and hear the story told in music. You can also purchase the complete oratorio, over two hours of music.

The Passion is the story of Jesus’ suffering and death in 33 A.D. Some parts of the story are told the same in all four Gospels but others are found in only one gospel or differ. For example, in John Jesus carries his own cross to Golgotha; in the others the cross is carried by Simon of Cyrene.

Each evangelist’s Passion is sung by a soloist (Matthew is a baritone, Mark a tenor, etc.). Where the four share the story, the music is a quartet (“This is my blood”); where only one, a solo. By listening and looking at the text you can easily know what each evangelist wrote, and how they differ.

In addition to all the words and deeds of Jesus the full oratorio includes an overture, a quartet of Jesus’ family and friends, four arias and more than twenty chorales with original texts. To hear the full piece purchase the CD set.

You can immediately hear and see all the Gospel texts for free (and excerpts of other movements). Click on “Audio and Text.”