The Oratorio

This oratorio was created by me, Scott R. King, and Christopher St. John. My music is mostly original and includes quotations from many musical pieces used in liturgies at St. Gregory's Church in San Francisco. The piece took five years to write, starting with four soloists singing parallel chants of the passions, and gradually growing through the addition of choir chorales and a chamber orchestra, and arias for the soloists.

The words are an adaptation of several new testament translations, modified to be suitable for singing. The texts for the chorales (with the exception of two shaker hymns and one Watts hymn) are original, as are the four arias and the quartet.

Two tunes are used by permission: Heaven (written with Dave Hurlbert) and Putney (written by Esther Kissling). My heartfelt thanks to both!

The first full production of the Passion, including several read throughs and a workshop performance in October, 2005, was sponsored by St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, San Francisco, California. Funding was provided by St. Gregory’s (Don Giberson memorial) and by the Makrina Foundation of San Francisco.

Many people helped made this possible. I especially thank Sanford Dole, Music Director of St. Gregory’s Church, whose encouragement coupled with his supreme musical skill make possible a premier of extraordinary polish.

Scott R. King