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The set includes 2 CD's (2 1/2 hours music) and a 52 page book with the complete words of the four gospel Passions in parallel.

The Passion and Death of Jesus Christ according to the Gospels

Music by Scott R. King
Lyrics by Scott R. King and Christopher St. John

Conductor: Sanford Dole

Matthew (baritone) Jay Moorhead
Mark (tenor) Kevin Gibbs
Luke (alto) Ruthann Lovetang
John (soprano) Diana Landau

Paul (bass) Ken Grant
Narrator Lizzie Calogero

Choir of St. Gregory of Nyssa
Soprano: Jessica Anderson, Aparna Ewing, Caroline Hinshaw, Libby McQuiston, Barbara Nicol, Janet Tarlov, Holly Veldhuis, Mary Vogt
Alto: Carol Buchholz, Liddy Clark, Kaia Fahrenholz, Jennifer Cross Gans, Kathleen Hamill, Wendy Landau, Judith Tucker, Wyan Yip
Tenor: Richard Anderson, Michael Barger, Rob Hendricks, Reginald Hsu, Brant Karstetter, David Kincaid, Paul Robinson
Bass: Edgar Brenninkmeyer, Clark Cole, Greg DeLory, Tom Devine, John Golenski, Ken Grant, Chris Hecht, Tim Smith, Jon Spangler, Gregory Whitfield

Jubilate Orchestra
Violin: Aaron Westman, Andrew Davies
Viola: Daria D’Andrea
Cello: Amy Brodo
Bass: Christopher Deppe
Oboe: Barbara Midney
Clarinet: David Barnett
Bass Clarinet: Karen Sremac
Horn: Erin Vang
Piano: Jonathan Dimmock
Harp: Jessica Schaeffer
Percussion: Scott Bleaken
Timpani: Don Baker

Music used by permission: Putney, Esther Kissling; Heaven, Dave Hurlbert.

Funding for this performance and recording was provided by the Makrina Foundation and by St. Gregory’s Church.